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What We Do For You

Real Estate Design Construction

Seating capacity indoor/outdoor and décor to create an appropriate atmosphere for your location. We project manage this stage from site view to design, with Architect design by Tim Nicholas (www.no-arch.com) and construction. This includes, but isn’t exclusive to engineering support, approved contractor list bid review and comparison, design coordination, permit submissions, timeline development, and vendor ordering and account setup.

Training & Operations

If you can think of what might happen in a day at your restaurant we’re going to cover it. And that means any given day. We’re going to provide you with a comprehensive, simple, easy-to-understand manual to guide you through every step of setting up and operating your restaurant. We get you (and your entire staff) ready with classroom and hands-on training, in our very own restaurant. There will be studying, quizzes, role-playing, homework assignments, group activities and a final exam. Our training program is designed to prepare you and your franchise for success on Day 1!
Franchise Operations Manual, POS, Customer Service and HR, it’s all covered. Menu specifications, grand opening guidelines, real estate procedures, branding/social media and marketing guidelines are included, too.
We guide you through tasks such as applying for a local business license and obtaining your Federal Tax ID number, to more detailed activities such as initial employee hiring.


We’ll act as a teacher here for your franchise. We’ll help with advertising, creative, PR, social media, web content and media buyers on-site to optimize the brand experience you’ll be creating in your new restaurant and the community. Which brings us to… the Community. Yes, we’ll dedicate time to community marketting because there is nothing as beautiful in the franchise industry as connecting, identifying and building customer loyalty with your community. It is a two-way street and we want to open both lanes to full capacity for you. Optimal flexibility, the ability to turn projects around quickly, economic efficiency, and driving sales is our marketing goal for you.

About Bantam & Biddy

Atlanta-based Bantam + Biddy, the casual, family-friendly eatery featuring regional, all-natural and pastured poultry from chef-restaurateurs Shaun Doty and Lance Gummere. The restaurant, whose name refers to two poultry breed sizes, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily and can also offer unique local guest experiences such as a full espresso bar and alcoholic beverages. Mr. Doty’s extensive culinary expertise in Atlanta (The Federal, YEAH! Burger, Shaun’s, Mid City Cuisine, Mumbo Jumbo) is the driving force behind Bantam + Biddy’s menu of local free-range and pastured chicken and Southern diner-inspired dishes. Although his career has spanned the globe, he is most passionate about creating simply prepared contemporary fare. Lunch and dinner selections at Bantam & Biddy include a “meat-and-two” option, as well as chicken-centric entrées, salads and sandwiches. Breakfast brings build-your-own biscuits, fried chicken and cheddar waffles and pastured three-egg omelets and burritos. There is a carry-out counter for grabbing a meal on the go, including the “Family Meal” (choice of whole rotisserie chicken, meatloaf or 24-ounce herb-roasted pork loin with a family-sized organic green salad, cornbread, choice of dressing, three sides and a half-gallon of freshly brewed tea) that serves three to five people for under $50.

Shaun Doty Co-Owner/Executive Chef

Chef Shaun Doty’s career has spanned the globe, but his passion lies in creating simply prepared contemporary fare in Atlanta. His extensive culinary experience is the driving force behind his latest concept, Bantam + Biddy, a southern diner and chicken rotisserie featuring local free-range and pastured chicken.

Lance Gummere Co-Owner/Operations

As co-owner and director of operations of Bantam + Biddy, Lance Gummere oversees the food and beverage program as well as the day-to-day operations of the restaurants. In this role, his goal is to provide the utmost in high-quality food in an enjoyable atmosphere for the Atlanta community.

“We look forward to providing Southern favorites
made with seasonal, local ingredients that guests
can feel good about eating,”

said Mr. Doty.

Financial requirements

Financial Requirements to owning your own Bantam + Biddy Franchise

Southern dining franchise opportunities are very popular in the South. Your excitement in becoming part of the Bantam + Biddy franchise is going to bring this Southern dining experience to a whole new audience. But to one who already loves this style of food. And with organic, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options on the menu you’ll cater to a wide range of health and dietary guest considerations.

  • Initial Franchise Fee
  • $30,000
  • Term
  • 10 years
  • $750,000 - $950,000
  • Total Investment Range
  • $75,000 – 125,000
  • Investment: Liquid Assets At The Ready
  • $300,000+
  • Net Worth

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We hope this has given you a terrific overview of the Stratford & London Development / Bantam + Biddy Franchise picture with you as the Owner and Franchisee, and that you become even more excited after you visit our websites. As you consider becoming a Franchisee we want you to think carefully through the following. This is a serious endeavor that we intend to see through at a high level with the utmost attention to quality and professionalism for the expansion of the brand, and at the front line with the success of each of our Franchisees. Careful consideration will be given in all regards to that end at all times. – Let’s start the process together!